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Robo Recall Video Diary

Epic Games offers a new trailer with a developer diary for Robo Recall, their upcoming virtual reality first-person shooter. They plan to release this next year for free for Oculus Rift owners, and this video kicks off a series of such clips to promote the game. Here's word on this diary, and its focus on the game's arcade action feel:
Epic Games today released a brand new dev diary for their upcoming virtual reality first-person shooter, Robo Recall, coming for free to Oculus Touch in early 2017. This is the first in a series of new documentaries that show new gameplay footage and reveal aspects about the game.

The dev diary, "Arcade Action Feel," showcases the game's over-the-top arcade action and fast-paced combat, and features commentary from the dev team on how they sought to make an accessible and fun shooter inspired by classic arcade games. The video also discusses the various design techniques used to fully immerse players in the experience.

Unveiled at Oculus Connect 3 and built on top of the Oculus platform API, Robo Recall is Epic's first fully-featured VR game, with input designed for the new Oculus Touch controllers. Using a range of customizable and unlockable weapons, the game tests players' bot-destroying skills throughout a variety of increasingly challenging and outrageous missions. Robo Recall also features an emergent sandbox experience that allows players to test out trick shots and develop creative combat tactics throughout the game's stunning city environments.