Call to Arms Launches Free Version

Steam now offers a free version of Call to Arms which allows the chance to check out multiplayer play in the early access strategy game gratis. Digtalmindsoft also offers spiffed-up Deluxe and Ultimate editions, and here is the outline of the difference between the free version and the basic full release:
We think you should try before you buy! Grab the game for free and play multiplayer matches or skirmishes versus bots. Furthermore, you can unlock all multiplayer units in the free version via the progression system. In case you want to enjoy singleplayer or Workshop content, then you can upgrade your game to full version at any time!

Enjoyed what you saw in the free version? Now everything gets better! Enjoy the cooperative campaign with your friends, play user generated content and mod your game from ground up. Endless possibilities await you to increase your singleplayer and multiplayer experience. Only got so much time? Don't worry, your base factions are unlocked right away and extra items will make it even more fun to customize your army!