X-Plane 11 Beta

The X-Plane website now offers the X-Plane 11 beta, offering the chance to test-fly an overhauled version of this flight simulator (thanks Bumpy). This video offers a look at the "brand new user interface, and a new level of quality in the included aircraft." If you are intrigued, a playable demo is available for test flight, and they are selling an X-Plane 10 + 11 combo pack with immediate access to the beta. Here's word:
The first beta version of X-Plane 11 is now available! You can try the demo or buy the X-Plane 10 + 11 combo pack now to get access to the beta.

Keep in mind this is a beta version of X-Plane 11. That means this version of X-Plane 11 will be buggy! It will have problems and your favorite aircraft or scenery may not work. Some features are not complete yet and you may have poor frame rates. If you just want to enjoy X-Plane 11, you may want to wait until we are done with beta testing and more problems have been fixed.

To beta test X-Plane 11, download the installer and use the product key from your combo pack purchase to install the full version. If you need help, the X-Plane 11 manual is available online or in the Instructions folder of your X-Plane 11 install.