Genital Jousting Early Access

Early access to Genital Jousting is now available on Steam. This is a virtual swordfight for Windows with local and online multiplayer support. You can have a look at the sausage party in this video, and here's the poop on the pee-pees:
The men and women of independent developer Free Lives (Broforce) and their consensual publisher Devolver Digital (also Broforce) have released the sensual multiplayer party game Genital Jousting on Steam Early Access [].

Genital Jousting is an online and local multiplayer party game about flaccid penises and wiggly anuses for up to eight players at once, which are actual words in this press release. Lemme 'splain: Players control a detached penis complete with testicles and an anus in a variety of game modes, each featuring a stimulating orgy of objectives: Penetrate and be penetrated as fast as possible or compete in absurd, silly and sexually suggestive games and challenges.

Through the Early Access period Free Lives will continue to update Genital Jousting with new features, game modes, challenges, and customizable gear for your digital penis. Players are encouraged to provide feedback and game ideas to Free Lives via the community forums, social media and good old fashioned email to help shape the final game and make it everything anyone has ever wanted out of a game about detached penises.