Out of the Blue

So amid all the hubbub of this week we hit a milestone here, as Steve wrote in pointing out he wasn't too far off from being our billionth visitor. There's still a counter here, but it is semi-hidden at the bottom of the front page, so it required a little detective work to notice this. This is a reminder of the tremendous support you all have shown here over the years, and I cannot express enough appreciation.

Links: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
Play: Bob The Robber 3.
Alien Complex.
Science: Paralyzed monkeys walk again with wireless 'brain-spine interface'.
The tragic reason seabirds keep mistaking ocean plastic for food.
Image: This clever Ant-Man cosplay is a real team effort.
Media: Adobe Voco - awesome tech or awful pandora's box?
Feast - Animated Short About Winston The Dog.
Mann verstopft Auspuff. Thanks Boing Boing.