Out of the Blue

Yep, another weekend in Daylight Saving Time hell. It's the same for me every fall, I like the extra hour, but hate the process otherwise. I especially hate the earlier sunsets, and will continue to complain about them (as well as all those damn kids on my lawn). And to set the record straight, this silly situation is not Ben Frankin's fault, or we'd remove him from the hunny. It was a New Zealander named George Hudson who thought this up. Here's an older Nat Geo article on the topic pointing out the problems with DST. An interesting note is that heart attack rates increase by 10% when we set the clocks ahead, and drop by 10% when they are set back. So I propose just setting the clocks back an hour every six months until we've eliminated heart attacks entirely. Science!

R.I.P.: Jean-Jacques Perrey, 1929–2016.

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I don't wanna go!