Uwe Boll Ending Film Career

Film director Uwe Boll is saying goodbye to Hollywood, or the b-movie equivalent where he's plied his trade, saying he will no longer be making movies. Dark Horizons has the details that say he's not only done ruining video game properties, but other scripts as well. Boll states the decline in DVD/Blu-Ray sales is the reason he can't make money anymore. He says this is because he has been self-funding his projects. "I never had people giving me money. I’ve been using my money since 2005 and if I hadn’t made the stupid video game based movies I would never have amalgamated the capital so I could say, ‘Let’s make the Darfur movie’," he explains. "I don’t need a Ferrari, I don’t need a yacht. I invested in my own movies and I lost money." According to Box Office Mojo, Boll's five biggest movies grossed a total of $41.2 million worldwide, so the idea that these allowed him to fund other movies reinforces the understanding that his projects were in part supported by German tax laws.