Out of the Blue

I just dealt with the front door lock here at the BlueTower. This had grown finicky, with keys becoming harder to turn over time, and lately it becoming harder just to get them in and out of the keyhole. Remembering how these things were handled in my youth, I picked up a tube of powdered graphite to lube things up. I got this stuff specifically to fix the lock, but I am still shocked at how well it worked. After getting some inside the keyhole and the mechanism I worked the lock a few times and it went from squeaky and resistant to smooth and quiet in a matter of seconds. I couldn't have expected better results if I had replaced the entire lock mechanism with a new one made of Teflon marketed for its smoothness. The funny thing is the graphite came in a tube about 100x larger than the little ones I remembered, holding well over an ounce. Based on the minute quantity required to fix my lock, I think I have enough left over to lube every lock in the county.

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