Otherland Open Beta

Early access to Otherland has concluded as Gamigo gears up for the launch of the sci-fi MMOG. The free-to-play game will official launch on September 8th, and between now and then it is in open beta testing. You can pick up the open beta client on the Otherland website where they have all the details on the launch. Here's word:
In preparation for the Open Beta, Otherland has received numerous updates during the previous weeks introducing new functions to the game. The tutorial has been updated, the game's performance has been fundamentally improved, and various additional quests as well as new factions have been implemented in the story. Most importantly, the extensive crafting system has been completely reworked, with the addition of hundreds of new recipes. The battle system is undergoing a heavy re-design as well: the improved enemy AI will provide an even more action-driven gaming experience that will be further sustained by more fluid motion patterns and revised skill sets.

This free-to-play Open Beta marks the end of the Steam Early Access and is expected to last just over a week and is aimed at testing some of the major updates being added to the game. Otherland is slated to enter Commercial Release on September 8th, 2016.