Out of the Blue

Had a monster-movie triple feature last night, watching Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy, none of which I had seen since I was a kid. This turned out to be interesting, because they were all pretty different than I recalled. This especially applied to The Mummy, which I remembered being about people being menaced by a guy wrapped in bandages, but turns out to be more similar to the Brendan Fraser remake than that. Watching these films together also highlighted that Dwight Frye, the same actor who was so memorable as Renfield in Dracula, was also Fritz the hunchback in Frankenstein, which is pretty cool. I actually remembered that character's name as Igor, just one of many details about the movie blurred from seeing Young Frankenstein several times since the last time I saw the original.

R.I.P.: Alan Vega. Thanks nin.

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