Out of the Blue

I'm not sure if it's a goner, but my Herman Miller Aeron chair suffered a serious setback this morning. A few years ago I found a way to keep the left arm of the chair from gradually lowering itself, but this morning the left arm of the chair broke off altogether. Broke is actually a mild description, it basically exploded. I'll fully evaluate the prospects of repairing this when I get the chance, but a quick look shows there is at least one broken metal part in the midst, so I don't know yet if I need a new chair. If I do, it will be interesting to evaluate the lines of gaming chairs that have emerged in recent years, and see if they tempt me into trying something new. It should be hard to convince me to get something different, as, though this Aeron chair was pretty expensive when I got it, it has been helping me avoid back pain for over 16 years now.

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