Dishonored 2 Trailer also offers a new E3 2016 trailer from Dishonored 2, showing off Arkane Studios' upcoming assassination sequel. The post is lengthy, covering a number of topics, and includes this outline of the game's new setting:
A New Setting
In Dishonored 2, players will return to the Empire of the Isles, but this time they’ll experience most of the game in a new setting. While Dishonored 2 begins and ends in Dunwall – the bleak industrial city of the first game – most of the action takes place in Karnaca, often referred to as the Jewel of the South. The capital of Serkonos – which is the southernmost island in the Empire – Karnaca is a dazzling Mediterranean-inspired metropolis with distinctly different culture and style.

“Our approach to world creation is layered,” Smith said. “Our art and design teams work together to create a strong sense of place, with a well-realized culture based on the factions living there, the architecture, the economy, climate, plant and animal life, and even the food and songs.”

Karnaca is brought to life with the Void Engine: a custom game engine built to support Arkane’s signature art direction and level design, and create atmospheric and exploration-rich spaces.