Party Saboteurs Early Access

We all know the frustration of not knowing who to shoot at a party, and now Party Saboteurs is available on Steam early access, capturing that experience in a Windows video game. The game features stylized pixel art and is focused on local multiplayer, though online multiplayer support is planned. Here's word:
Party Saboteurs brings the tension and strategy from games like Spy Party and Town of Salem to the local multiplayer genre. The players have to move carefully, trying to blend in with the other guests and, at the same time, watching out for any awkward movements that might give up an enemy spy.

Each player controls a spy who is trying to blend in an exclusive cocktail party to complete their missions. The catch? At the same time, they are all controlling snipers trying to identify and eliminate each other’s spies. There are two ways to win: completing the missions first or killing the other spies.