The Witcher III GDC GotY

The 16th annual Game Developers Choice Awards were handed out last night as part of the ongoing Game Developers Conference, and this press release announces all the winners. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt took home game of the year honors, and CD Projekt RED's RPG sequel was also honored for Best Technology. The most awards went to Her Story, which won for Innovation, Best Narrative, and Best Handheld/Mobile. Her Story was also the most honored game at the 18th annual Independent Games Festival Awards, taking home the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, and this announcement has all the details on those awards. For those interested in the presentations and the speeches, they are recorded for posterity in this Twitch stream, which warns that portions of the audio are muted over possible copyright concerns, because lawyers. The ceremony also included the awarding of the previously announced Pioneer award for Markus "Notch" Persson and Lifetime Achievement award for Bethesda's Todd Howard.