Out of the Blue

It's hard to deny spring has sprung around here... it hit the 70s yesterday, and while it won't be quite so warm for the next couple of days, it looks like we've seen the last of winter. This is evidenced by an immediate shift in the climate of my attic office, as it was just a couple of days ago I was still using a small comforter to stay warm, while last night I opened a window due to how hot it was. At this rate the air conditioner will be on within days.

R.I.P.: Bond, Kubrick Designer Ken Adam Has Died. Thanks Ant.

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Science: The Robots Sent Into Fukushima Have 'Died'. Thanks HARDOCP.
'Living Lens' Made From Stem Cells Could Treat Blindness.
Media: Will need non-Videosift submissions if people want that site avoided.