WW1 Battlefield 5 in October? [Updated]

German Swiss e-tailer World of Games now has a listing for Battlefield 5, which, if accurate, reveals a World War I setting for the next installment in the military shooter series. They call it a "Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg," which in English is "Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1," and list an October 26, 2016 release date. If that post ends up disappearing, NeoGAF has it preserved for posterity. Thanks PCGamesN, who point out that dates leaked in such a manner are often wrong, but the included of game details carry a certain degree of credibility. Update: While we expected this listing to be quickly removed, this remains at the end of the day, but the description has been edited to remove the reference to World War I, as it now just reads: "Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter."