Out of the Blue

Happy birthday Abe Lincoln, as Honest Abe was born on this date in 1809. This is actually some sort of legal holiday here in New York State, and it also is in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri, so we all get to take it easy (or something). Since George Washington's birthday is 10 days off, this all will get its main celebration on Monday in the more inclusive President's Day, when we will honor both their legacies with low, low prices.

Honest Links: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
Play: Moto X3M 2.
Hyper Maze Arcade.
Media: Batman v Superman- Dawn of Justice - Official Final Trailer.
Imperial Shuttle Quad - Night Flight.
Follow-up: IRS: Martin Shkreli Owes $4.5 Million in Unpaid Taxes. Thanks nin.
The Funnies: Astronauts in Love Cartoon - Savage Chickens.