Remastered Turok Released

Those ripples in your cup are harbingers of the arrival of the remastered version of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter from Night Dive Studios, as the shooter remake is now rumbling onto the scene via digital distribution. Here's word:
Get ready to wield an arsenal of weapons as you battle to protect Earth against time-traveling warriors, demons, and dinosaurs. Turok makes its triumphant return to PC in time for the 2015 holiday season.

Originally developed for Nintendo 64 and PC in 1997, Turok has been re-mastered by Night Dive Studios for today’s modern gaming audience. Some of the updated features include:

  • Reconstructed game engine that captures the look and feel of the original while also supporting today’s technology
  • Modernized graphics that accommodate widescreen and high-resolution monitors
  • Improved menus and customization options
  • Support for gamepads and keyboard binding
  • Support for Steam achievements and trading cards