Natural Selection 2 Revival Plans

A new post on the Natural Selection 2 website titled "Let's try something new," announces "Unknown Worlds is getting back in to Natural Selection development," which doesn't sound new (thanks Ant). The post is a little vague, saying: "There’s not an easy way to describe what all this means," but there's a link to this Q&A talking about whether it's possible the action/strategy sequel can be "revived," showing the focus seems to be on rebuilding the its player base. This seems to involve hiring some of the volunteers who have worked on this project to form an in-house development team, something not everyone is pleased about. As we say, there's a vagueness to it all, as shown in this excerpt:
I put ‘leaked’ in quotation marks, because there’s no secrets here. There’s nothing Unknown Worlds knows that we don’t want the NS2 community to know. The decision to return to NS2 is a big, complex, nuanced one. It is hard to describe it all in a single email, blog post, or phone call. It’s even harder to convey the idea that Unknown Worlds doesn’t have all the answers, and that not having an answer is ok.