Total War ARENA in NA Next Month

Creative Assembly announces Total War ARENA will be released in North America in two weeks, offering a lucky Friday the 13th release date for the multiplayer strategy game, which they will celebrate with a livestream on Twitch at 6:00 pm EST. In the meantime, they still encourage those interested to sign up for the closed beta. Here's a new Inside the Battle trailer, and here's the plan:
US servers will go live next month, bringing ARENA’s unique epic-scale battles to US players. To be among the first US players to join the Closed Beta, sign up here:

In celebration of this, a US launch event will take place at the ESL Studios in Burbank, California, on Friday 13th of November 2015.

This event will bring 20 players from US and Europe to the famous ESL studios, to go head to head in Total War: ARENA`s fast-paced 10v10 battles on custom-made battlefield maps, where decisive strategies, combat tactics and teamwork will decide who is victorious.

As a taste of what’s to come, see a player’s view of what it’s like on the battlefield in this trailer, filmed after the Alpha livestream event earlier this year:

The US launch event will be streamed live on the official Total War Twitch channel starting at 3pm PDT on the 13th of November.

Total War: ARENA is free to play. To join the Closed Beta, sign up at The game is currently open in Europe and Russia, with US servers coming in November.