Hideo Kojima's Konami Exit

Hotbed of gaming news The New Yorker reports that the other shoe has finally dropped on the Hideo Kojima situation, saying the famed developer's last day with Konami was October 9th (thanks GameSpot via nin). Joking about the source aside, the article provides an in-depth analysis of the circumstances that could lead to a rift between a game company and such a highly regarded developer, which in part has to do with an increased emphasis on mobile games from Konami. The story concludes with an outlook on Kojima's future, quoting an employee of a completely different Japanese developer:
It’s likely that, after Kojima’s non-compete clause expires, in December, he will find a new studio and continue making lavishly produced games. But these future projects will be anomalies in a mobile-dominated Japanese market. Although Western fans may mourn the loss, McCarthy doesn’t share their despondency. “Honestly, I am not so sure that any threat to yet another shouting, shooting game full of American grunts saving democracy from the wiles of dark-skinned terrorists is any great loss to the art,” he said.