Out of the Blue

Well, I seem to be surviving my colonoscopy prep as well as I could hope. I have definitely worn a path to the bathroom, as was to be expected, but I seem to be fine otherwise. Apparently the remaining wild card is how I come out of the anesthesia, as I'm told it's possible I'll come away from this as "high as a kite," and may temporarily be more loopy than normal. This means that while I expect to be back and updating later, it's possible I'll just sleep through the rest of the day, while I can't rule out the possibility that I will write some sort of drug-fuelled manifesto that will have the men in black knocking at my door for a discussion about my future confinement. So in place of certainly, all I can offer is potential wackiness. Let the games begin! Speaking of which, NFL pool participants should get their picks in before tonight's game.

Loopy Links: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
Play: Cyber Chaser 2.
Boxhead - A Halloween Special.
Link: Eddie Murphy hasn't told a joke onstage in 28 years. He's still the funniest guy around.
Stories: Fantastic Four back at Marvel, movie planned for 2020? Fox finally crapped their way into the payday they wanted.
Cinematic Franchise Uniting Godzilla, King Kong and Other Iconic Monsters announced. Thanks Kxmode.
Man tries to put out garbage fire by driving over it in a van loaded with ammunition.
Science: Scientists grow functional kidney organoid from stem cells.
The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy.
Kilogram conflict resolved at last. My uncle's work! (He was on the winning side of the debate.)
Media: Mad Max- Fury Road - 8 Bit Cinema.
Arlo Caught in the Act - Boxer Sprayed by a Skunk. Hudson is smiling somewhere.