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Out of the Blue

I had a goofy computer experience recently, which fits with my whole Windows 7 installation on this computer. These go back to building it, and having to use a registry hack to do a clean install with an upgrade edition of the OS, something that used to be supported. That took care of things until last week, when I decided to take advantage of falling RAM prices to double my system from 16 to 32GB. This is when I realized that Window 7 Home Premium only supports 16GB of RAM. Stubbornly determined to stick with Win7 (because reasons) I proceeded to explore the options of upgrading to Win7 pro, something Microsoft has no interest in since moving on to the new OS. Windows Anytime upgrades are no longer available (using MS's function for this pulls up a visual basic error), and regular disc upgrades are basically impossible to find. As I said, my eventual solution was goofy, which was to enter an invalid Windows Anytime Upgrade key which upgraded the machine, but would not authenticate, and then change the product key to a valid one from a new copy of Win7 Pro that I picked up, which authenticated just fine. Everything is working now, but that was certainly more of an adventure than I signed on for with my simple RAM upgrade.

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