CIG Demands Escapist Retraction; Threatens Lawsuit

An update to the Chairman's Response to The Escapist on the Roberts Space Industries website has the latest on Cloud Imperium Games' reaction to the recent Escapist article alleging troubles at the developer of Star Citizen, the upcoming crowd-funded space game. The post has been modified to demand a retraction of the assertions in the article, threatening legal action if this doesn't happen by the end of today. They say the site has "violated the most basic rules and ethics in journalism by failing to properly vet [their] sources and providing the affected party with an opportunity to refute these ridiculous, highly slanderous, and easily disproven allegations," and also state this was not a legitimate piece of journalism, but rather a conspiracy between the author and "third parties" (who go unnamed, though we have a guess). They reproduce a lengthy letter they sent to the Escapist, and here is how this concludes:
If we have not received within a reasonable time your written confirmation (email being sufficient) that you agree to cooperate and comply with the above demands we will firstly publish this letter to our website. Based on the generous standards set by you, we believe that 24 hours should be sufficient to hear from you. Furthermore, if we have not received the aforementioned confirmation from you or your magazine and/or parent company by EOD Monday, we will turn this matter over to our litigators to prepare legal action in the US and the UK against the individuals and entities involved as listed herein.