Star Citizen Employees "Speak Out"

An article on The Escapist talks anonymously with some purported current and former employees of Cloud Imperium Games about Star Citizen, the crowdfunded space combat and exploration game. Their sources express doubts about the viability of the project, and guilt over the sale of virtual ships to eager customers. The story was updated after it was posted to add some responses from CIG's Chris Roberts, who suspects "these are the words of a few bitter ex-employees trying to stir trouble," and the included quotes also touch on a toxic work environment and issues with Roberts, his wife, and other management, lending support to his contention. There is also a Chairman's Response to The Escapist post on the Roberts Space Industries website (thanks 88fingers). The article concludes with a quote from one of their sources, and Roberts' contrasting statement of faith in his project and his 261 employees:
"Chris Roberts thinks he's George Lucas. He thinks he's a genius," CS2 asserted. "He's a fraud, pure and simple. If he was just a salesman, or he worked in marketing, or he was answering to a producer, he would do well. But the emperor wears no clothes. Anybody who has worked with him will tell you the same thing. The difference is that lots of people have a dream, but only some can communicate it. I don't think he's sinister, or a bad person. He's Donald Trump. He thinks that if he wants to do something, he can. Because he's Chris Roberts."

"I'll put my 261, their passion and energy against the complaints of a few disgruntled ex-employees any day," Roberts said. "We have backers visit the offices all the time, they all come away with the same impression - that the entire team is dedicated to making the best game possible."