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Arma III Editor Public Beta

Bohemia Interactive announces they are offering access to the beta version of the Eden 3D editor for Arma III, though they warn this will be updated on a daily basis, and testers will be playing "an experimental and largely untested version of Arma 3," where parts of the game will sometimes be "completely broken" (I'll just let you all write your own jokes for that one based on BI's history). They say the editor will be released for free to all owners of the military shooter sequel next year, but those willing to deal with all the above caveats can right-click on Arma 3 in the Steam Library, go to properties and opt-in to receiving Arma 3 development builds via the BETAS tab. This video is a capture of a live stream where the developers from Bohemia Interactive give a demonstration of the power this provides to add new and modified content to the game.