DOOM SnapMap Trailer

A new article on attempts to answer the question of "What, exactly, is SnapMap" with a preview of the map editor that's coming with id's upcoming new DOOM game. Build It Yourself With DOOM SnapMap trailer with an E3 presentation of the editor from id's Marty Stratton. Here's the accompanying word:

What, exactly, is SnapMap? “At its core it’s a very easy to use content-creation tool that works regardless of what platform you play on,” says id Software Executive Producer Marty Stratton. Whether you’re an aspiring level-designer or someone who simply wants to uncover all the best that the community has created, SnapMap offers endless possibilities to extend the DOOM experience. But don’t think that “easy to use” means SnapMap is overly simplistic. “You can go to a level of detail that allows you to create completely custom game modes,” Stratton promises. With community being such a big part of the DOOM experience, the team at id Software aims to offer a powerful tool that will allow anyone to unleash their creativity. “It’s one of the primary goals – to really deliver the ability to make your own DOOM to everybody,” says Robert Duffy, Chief Technology Officer, id Software. Watch our new video for even more details about DOOM SnapMap.