Some Star Citizen Refunds

Some requests for refunds from Star Citizen backers are being granted by Cloud Imperium Games, reports Polygon, noting a recent a recent survey suggested there were a surprising number of customers looking to get their money back (including quotes from our own KXmode about his refund). They spoke about this during a conversation with Chris Roberts. "We don't publicize it, but when people reach out to us and talk to us in a rational manner, in most cases we've refunded them," Roberts says. "We don't want people to be part of the project if they're not happy." There are no public announcements or guarantees attached to this reimbursement policy, which remains completely at the company's discretion, as they are not obligated to make refunds.

The article recaps the slipped delivery dates for the space simulation as the scope of the game's design has grown along with its crowdfunded budget, discussing how this has has contributed to whatever degree of discontent this all represents. Here's more:

A spokesperson for Cloud Imperium said that a total of 1,269 refunds have so far been given out, with 93 refunds since the beginning of July. Roberts declined to say what percentage of refund applications are granted.

"If there are cases where people are really upset, or facing personal hardships, on a case by case basis we take a look and we refund," he said. "We don't want to keep people around. We don't want to fight with them."