Out of the Blue

I made my ribs yesterday, following my makeshift plans. They came out fine, though things didn't go exactly as planned. Smoking on a kamado-style grill is like driving a race car with tremendous acceleration and crappy brakes, and things got a lot hotter than I planned. This is not unusual for me, it was just worse this time, as I usually get it to settle in at around 250F, in spite of shooting for 225F, but that's workable. Yesterday the grill was determined to stay at 300F, and no amount of damping our dousing helped. I wish I could blame this on multitasking while I worked, but as I say, this is a pretty hands-off process, and it wouldn't have played out much differently on a weekend. Anyway, I just cut down the cook time and they came out fine. They just can't really be called barbeque, as they were more grilled than smoked.

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