Pillars of Eternity Patch

A Kickstarter update for Pillars of Eternity has details on a new version 1.05 patch for the RPG, which Obsidian Entertainment calls "a big one" (thanks nin). Word is: "Patch 1.05 features hundreds of bug fixes, balance changes, and new UI features. There are many minor fixes that are not listed in these notes." Here are the new features they list:

  • You can now rename save games.
  • You can now change the portrait and sound set of characters from the character sheet. Click on the gear icon to open the customization window. You can only use this feature on player characters and hired (non-companion) characters.
  • New Stash sorting. You can now sort stash by item type, enchant score, and sell value.
  • Added a Latest News feature on the main menu to keep you informed on patches and Kickstarter updates.
  • Added a new color for unique items in the inventory.
    Added a new hotkey for switching weapon sets on selected characters.
    You can now bind extra mouse buttons to Ability hotkeys.
  • There's a new option to reset newly recruited companions to level 1 (without losing the experience). This will allow you to level up companions to your liking.