Broken Age: Act 2 Release Plans

A Kickstarter update from Double Fine announces backers should now be getting their copies of Broken Age: Act 2, saying this should be released to the public tomorrow. Here's word on how the second half of the adventure will roll out:
Be on the lookout for an email from Humble Bundle with special instructions for getting the game early on Steam. Then play Broken Age! Your old save game will work, but I personally recommend starting over from the beginning. Now, now, no grumbling. You don't HAVE to. I can't force you. YET. But you really should, and after all, it won't take you long since you know all the puzzles. :) There are just so many hints and story set ups that happen in Act 1 that you need to remember for Act 2 to make sense. Plus, achievements! Anyway, whatevs. You don't have to start over. That's just my recommendation. I'm like that waiter that tells you how to eat your food. No actual legal authority, but you know he's right about the ponzu sauce.

Sounds like a cliche, but it's a fact: This has been a long and crazy journey that we've all been on together. It's been a documentary and a phenomenon and a news item, but now it's just a game. And I really hope you like it because you helped to make it. And not just with your money. :)

Everybody else gets the game on Tuesday. It comes out that day on PC/Mac/Linux, and also PS4, VITA, OUYA, iPad, iPhone, and Android! So please tell all your friends! Feel free to be loud about it! We need to make sure the internet is filled with Broken Age buzz on Tuesday so everybody the world over knows that adventure games aren't dead! Well, I guess they heard that three years ago, but I think it's time they all hear it again.