POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost DLC Released

Steam now offers POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost, a DLC pack coming just 12 years after the release of POSTAL 2, Running With Scissors' intentionally outrageous first-person shooter. This carries a 15% launch discount, and for those who have been holding off on the commitment to POSTAL 2, Steam also has that on sale for 90% off, making it $0.99, a fraction of the cost of the DLC. Here's word on the new content:
Running With Scissors is thrilled to announce the launch of "POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost" via Steam.

The original POSTAL 2 was released 12 years ago and is more popular than ever. While highly controversial, POSTAL 2 is loved by fans for its crazy humorous gameplay and still played and enjoyed today. POSTAL 2's "overwhelmingly positive" status on Steam (95%+ on over 9000 user reviews) gave reason to birth a larger than life load of new DLC for this game.

Fans of POSTAL 2 will be glad to hear that Paradise Lost brings back The POSTAL Dude's original voice actor, Rick Hunter, along with other lovable and familiar characters. The DLC is set 10 years after the events of POSTAL 2: Apocalypse Weekend presenting the Dude with bigger and more bizarre challenges than ever before. Shoot, kick, fire-bomb and Piss your way through the days errands trying to find......toilet paper! A CLEAN ASS IS A HAPPY ASS!

Paradise Lost features a full week (Monday through Friday) of free roaming, errand based missions PLUS all new weather zones, dual wielding power ups and NEVER BEFORE SEEN BOSS FIGHTS!