Star Citizen Version 1.1

The Roberts Space Industries website announces that Star Citizen version 1.1 is now live, a major update that will require backers to reinstall the space combat game in its entirety. The new version adds new ships to buy, a new manual, new controls, and new systems, including takeoffs and landings. Cloud Imperium also introduces the ability to rent ships and components using REC earned within public Arena Commander matches. Here's a summary of new systems:
Most importantly, Star Citizen 1.1 includes the launch of a number of new systems. Some, like the 64-bit conversion, are entirely ‘under the hood,’ while others are available for use today. The game now includes a new character rig, with smoother and better animations. The new dynamic damage system has been launched with the Gladius, and will eventually be applied to all old and new ships. Arena Commander also now features a landing system (detailed below), a new Mounts system with the introduction of Gimbal Mounts to the store and, likely most interesting for today’s pilot, the launch of the REC system. This is our first pass at rental credits, aimed to allow payment-free progression in Arena Commander. You can expect plenty of balancing in the coming days, so get out there and provide your feedback! As promised, all existing backers will get 5,000 REC to start things off!

You can see the entire change list in the 1.1 patch notes here.