Valve on Improving Steam Customer Service

There's an article on Kotaku looking into the fact that Valve has an F grade from the Better Business Bureau, the lowest mark the organization issues. Though Valve's Erik Johnson does say that "the BBB is a far less useful proxy for customer issues than Reddit," he does not deny there's an underlying issue, saying: "The more important thing is that we don't feel like our customer service support is where it needs to be right now," adding: "We have a lot of work to do there. We have to do better." Here's more on their approach to this going forward:
"We need to do a variety of things," he said. "We need to build customer support directly into Steam. We need to understand what's the most efficient way to solve customer problems. Right now we're in a state where we're doing a bunch of technical work on thinking through how does a support issue get raised, who has to see it, how do refunds get issued within Steam—we've done a poor job on all of that up to this date. We think it's something we really need to focus on."