Vietnam '65 Next Month

Matrix Games announces March 5th is the release date for Vietnam '65, the upcoming strategy game which takes players into the Vietnam War before it jumped the shark. They plan to celebrate the news today with a livestream on the Slitherine Twitch channel at 1:00 pm EST. Word is the game is now in the late beta testing phase:
Early 1965 – the Cold War turned hot in Southeast Asia. The US Army dispatches men and military equipment to prevent Vietnam falling under communist dominance. It was the beginning of an unconventional conflict in which technology and resources were not enough to ensure victory. By mastering the jungle terrain and conducting guerrilla operations such as ambushes and raids, the Viet Cong managed to disrupt US plans and resist this giant superpower!

Vietnam ’65, the new counter-insurgency strategy game by Every Single Soldier, aims to capture the essence of the Vietnam War. At the head of the US forces, the player will have to forget what they have learnt from other strategy games and think differently to achieve victory. Building a safe logistics chain, gathering intelligence from the local villagers, calling in air support on time, revealing the Ho Chi Minh trail, and minimizing casualties will be crucial to securing political support and eliminating the invisible Viet Cong threat!

Thanks to fruitful weeks of in-depth testing, the game has now entered its late beta phase. So the time for traditional war will come to an end on March 05th, the official release date of Vietnam ’65!