Star Citizen Public Test Universe for All Backers

The Roberts Space Industries website announces the Public Test Universe is now available to all backers of Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium's space combat game. Here's word:
Get ready to join the Public Test Universe (PTU.) During the lead up to Arena Commander 1.0, we gave a limited number of backers access to what we call the PTU, a version of the game that offers experimental versions of upcoming patches. Starting today, all Star Citizen backers have access to the PTU and with it access to test a build of Arena Commander 1.0.1.

Please note that the PTU is not for the faint of heart: unlike standard Arena Commander, you’re one of the first people testing a new build which can often be unstable or otherwise non-functional. If you’re serious about helping us test Star Citizen, accessing the PTU and reporting bugs on the forums is one of the biggest services you can provide… but if you’re looking for a clean dogfight, you may want to stick to the standard build. You can report bugs discovered in the PTU here, or provide feedback on the PTU itself here.