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Path of Exile Ban Warnings

The Path of Exile forums has an update on Race Season 10 in the action/RPG along with the announcement of the release of a new version 1.3.0k patch (thanks Massively). They also call out some cheaters, saying as of today, 3912 players are getting a warning over the cheating software detected on their systems. For some reason they are choosing to warn these users about bans, rather than banning them outright. Here's word:

There will be no further warnings. All incidents that didn't result in bans before this post have been treated as warnings, but from this point forward we will close accounts that run cheating software.

Many people have asked us to clarify our stance on what people are allowed to run. The list is pretty much this:

  • Single-action hotkeys (like an alt+f4 macro)
  • Tools that don't require the client to be running, like Procurement

We don't want to hear "I was only running the tool for QOL improvements". If you got the warning, you had the maphack turned on (or worse). Frequently requested quality of life issues will be addressed, don't worry!