Elite: Dangerous Earns $21M; New Content Coming; OS X Beta Status

Frontier Developments has released financial results for six months ending with November 30th, showing that Elite: Dangerous has sold around 300,000 units, earning the company approximately $21 million (£14.1 million). IncGamers has details on this, including a few scenarios Frontier outlines for how they see the game selling over the next few years, ranging from a minimal "base" scenario, through a "bull" scenario where the game sells like hotcakes. Based on this, they are way ahead of their base expectations, which says they will earn £2.5m this year if they manage to sell 250,000 copies, a milestone they have already surpassed. In this model, they project the game will sell two million copies by 2017, which would equal £20.0M in revenue. In their "bull" scenario, if the game sells 750,000 units by the end of this year, they will have earned £7.5M, which they project out to be a staggering 30 million units sold by 2017 (they do not ay how they arrived at these numbers), adding up to over $450M (£300.0M). Meanwhile, The Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #57 is now available, talking more about plans for the space combat and exploration game. This includes word on content updates (expanding on a recent forum post), saying: "To make this happen we’re expanding the team working on the game so that we can maintain a regular schedule of updates as well as working on the paid expansions. The regular updates won’t just be the ongoing fixes and tweaking we’ve provided since release - we will also add new features and content for all." They also touch on the native Max OS X version of the game, saying it should enter beta "in about three months."