Loading Human VR Video

This video shows off a demo of Loading Human being demonstrated at CES, a prototype of the sci-fi adventure game being used to show off the operation of Razer's just revealed OSVR Hacker Dev Kit, a VR headset supporting the Open-Source Virtual Reality initiative. Here's word on the game and plans to support a wide range of new technology:
Virtual Reality developers since 2013, Untold Games’ Loading Human is a virtual reality adventure game powered by groundbreaking controls and set in a thrilling sci-fi world. Developed from the ground up for VR and motion control devices like Oculus Rift and Sixense Stem System, players will be able to interact with objects within the environment to solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of Loading Human‘s story-driven gameplay.

Loading Human is currently in development for PC and Mac, and has had its concept approved for PlayStation4’s “Project Morpheus” virtual reality system. The game is designed to support the Oculus Rift VR headset, and motion-based controllers like the Sixense STEM, Razer Hydra, YEI Technology PrioVR and Virtuix Omni.