Ships Ahoy - HELL

Matrix Games now offers the chance to experience HELL, as today marks the release of HELL, Hunted Cow's turn-based strategy game. You can pick this up from the Matrix Games store or on Steam, or you can get a look at what to expect in the launch trailer. Here's part of the description:
Developed by award winning developer Hunted Cow in partnership with Slitherine, HELL is a turn-based fantasy game in which the players will take command of both factions in this epic confrontation between the Devil’s army and the sacred heroes of the Order of Light. Every unit has a unique function on the battlefield so players will have to judiciously mix the unique abilities and specific strengths of their magic and military squads to be victorious. Tactics is the key word in HELL, and this is supported by a vast array of units, active and passive abilities, a level up system, and an engaging combat system with flanking and zone of control features. A true fantasy gem that should appeal any tactical fan in quest of a serious challenge in the solo story-driven campaign and in the devilish PvP multiplayer mode!