TOXIKK Movement Trailer

This new trailer from TOXIKK discusses movement in the upcoming first-person shooter, sexing this up as much as possible with references to "the movement model" and "advanced movement systems." This involves an overview of basic shooter movement even though this game is being marketed to hardcore shooter fans, but there is also discussion of how basic movements can combine for advanced movement techniques to allow faster movement, showing the game has its own "secret" way to bunny hop through levels. Also demonstrated are rocket jumps, once again explained for newbies, as well as other alternative modes of transport. They say: "Although the game is still in alpha, the movement model is already pretty much set in stone and there will only be minor changes and adjustments to it until the game hits its Early Access release on Steam." Here's word on the clip: "The game director of the project, Martin Schwiezer, talks for about 10 minutes about the movement model behind the game, showing fresh footage and demonstrates the basic and the advanced movement systems of their upcoming back-to-the-roots Arena-FPS. The footage shows the alpha build of TOXIKK."