ArcheAge Launches; Founders Unhappy

Trion World announces today is the official launch day for ArcheAge, their fantasy-themed sandbox MMORPG. They celebrate the news with a new trailer and this note from the team. Unfortunately, not everyone is celebrating, as the reported unrest from founders during the game's head start phase has given way to unhappiness at the launch, as Trion is now selling starter packs felt by some to be better than the more expensive founder's packs. Here's word:
The time has come! ArcheAge, the long awaited, free-to-play fantasy sandbox MMORPG from Trion Worlds and Korean game developer XLGAMES, officially launches today. ArcheAge is an MMORPG adventure where players can choose their own paths and progressions and create a world where the possibilities are endless. From building elaborate homes and farms, and sailing ships to faraway lands to construct castles, ArcheAge’s PvP system allows players to fight for glory in huge battles on land or sea, or live the life of a pirate free from constraints!