Camelot Unchained Testing Delayed

The Camelot Unchained website has a novel-length update from Mark Jacobs explaining a considerable delay to initial alpha testing of Camelot Unchained, the upcoming MMORPG. They now estimate February 2015 is when they will launch the test that was supposed to commence last month, and they outline rewards they will give to backers if they miss the new window as well (thanks PC Gamer). The post wraps up with the good news, but here's part of the explanation of the delay:
We are deeply sorry that we have to delay the opening of Alpha Testing. While the Alpha Test date, like all of our dates, was “estimated,” that does not mean that we should be satisfied with just saying “We’re late,” and move on. The first thing I will address now is why we are late.

Why are we late? As mentioned in other updates, we were unable to fill most of our engineering openings until May 2014. We had hoped to fill most of those slots by the end of 2013. This put engineering far behind schedule, which led us to:

  1. Focus the vast majority of our programming. resources only on tech foundations of the engine.
  2. Slow the hiring of additional artists and asset creation as the latter might have changed as our tech evolved and left us with a lot of less-than-useful assets.
  3. Spend more of studio leadership’s time on interviewing prospective candidates. Andrew and I had to spend far too much time on the hiring process and as we have talked about before, we have a pretty thorough process.