Interceptor Sees Blood?

A tweet from Frederik Schreiber from a few days ago relates to the recent acquisition of 3D Realms, saying: "Planning the future of 3D Realms with @MikeDalsgaard and @KhaledIbrahimi :)" (thanks Wookiestick). This includes a picture of the proceedings, which may or may not offer a clue about what they are up to, as the monitor in the background has a clear image of Caleb from the packaging of Blood II: The Chosen, Monolith's first-person shooter sequel. However, the rights to the Blood franchise were not part of the 3D Realms deal, as Blood and Blood II were published by GT Interactive, which was later purchased by Infogrames, which is now known as Atari. Former Monolith CEO Jace Hall proposed a revival of the first Blood game a couple of years ago, and Hall said it was Atari's call. when that idea was later shot down. Then last fall publisher Devolver Digital said that they might pursue the rights to Blood if their Shadow Warrior remake sold well enough, though nothing more came of that. This rights issue is addressed in the Interceptor interview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, where Schreiber explains the situation:
We would love to do a Blood remake. If you can buy us the license, we’re willing to chew through it [laughs]. Unfortunately, Blood has nothing to do with 3D Realms or Gearbox or Interceptor. That is in the land with Jace Hall and Warner Bros and a lot of other people. That’s pretty publicly known.

But yeah, Blood is one of our most beloved franchises ever. If we were to get the chance to do a remake, we would grab that chance immediately. We would drop everything else and do a Blood game if we got the chance to.