QuakeWorld Turns 17 and This Day in Gaming History

Stories from our archive. First are a couple from yesterday, as it was December 17th 1996 that the QuakeWorld client was released by id Software and it was December 17th 1996 1998 that Epic Games (at the time Epic MegaGames) announced both Unreal Tournament and Unreal II. On to December 18th, it was 15 years ago today that Starsiege TRIBES went gold. Here are more stories of note: Splinter Cell Demo (2002), International UT2004 Demo (2004), Tiberium Announced (2007), ABIT Closes (2008), Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam shipped (2010), and RAGE: The Scorchers shipped (2012). Update: Corrected the year on the Unreal Tournament/Unreal II link.