Half-Life Expansion Announcement

Sierra sent along the announcement of the first official add-on announced for Valve's award-winning shooter Half-Life. Here's the poop on Half-Life: Opposing Force ("Op For"), being developed by Gearbox, made up of members of the now-defunct Rebel Boat Rocker:

Sierra Studios Announces Official Half-Life Game Expansion Half-Life: Opposing Force Due Fall 1999

BELLEVUE, WA (April 15, 1999) - Sierra Studios proudly announces that it will release an official game expansion for the highly celebrated 3D action thriller, Half-Life, this fall. Half-Life: Opposing Force (a.k.a. "Op For") is the official game expansion for Half-Life, the game named the 1998 "Game of the Year" by over 40 publications worldwide. Half-Life: Opposing Force is being developed by Gearbox Software for Sierra Studios.

In Half-Life: Opposing Force, players return to the Black Mesa Research Facility to engage in an entirely new episode of single player action and will be offered an enormous variety of new multiplayer content. Gamers play a soldier this time around, instead of Gordon Freeman. Having the option of playing on the opposing force, the player will experiment with a host of new military, experimental and alien weapons. Also a key feature will be to battle a fierce new alien race as well as interaction with more human characters. Finally, in addition to the extensive new single player experience, gamers will compete in new multiplayer maps designed by industry all-stars.

"Gearbox is extremely psyched to be working with the superior Half-Life game system and universe," said Randy Pitchford, lead designer of Half-Life: Opposing Force at Gearbox. "Our number one goal is to preserve the integrity of Half-Life and provide new experiences that expand upon the sensation of the original-we intend to make Half-Life fans very happy."

"Sierra Studios is excited to formally announce this expansion and to be the first to work with Gearbox Software," said Doug Lombardi, product manager for the Half-Life franchise. "Op For will take full advantage of the remarkable technology that Half-Life produced; including: enemy AI, rendering technologies, skeletal animation system and the extraordinary multiplayer technology that helped Half-Life become the quintessential benchmark action game."