Out of the Blue

Thanks for all the kind wishes for Hudson the wonder dog. She continues to seem better on her new medication, and has been eating voluntarily these past two days, which is great. Now I need to get her appetite back to the point where she can actually put some weight back on, as she's pretty emaciated. She's definitely gained back a lot of her fight though, so things are definitely trending in the right direction at the moment.

R.I.P.: Bum Phillips, former coach of Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints, dies at age 90.

Links: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
Play: Kingdom.
Sweet Floyd.
Stories: Designer handbag thief Jayne Rand who stole 905 bags jailed. Thanks Boing Boing.
New seats let airlines squeeze in more passengers. Bunk seats? Thanks Slashdot.
Science: Mapping the mutations of twelve major cancer types.
Media: Cats Stealing Dog Beds.
The Pete Holmes Show: Batman vs. Superman. NSFW.