Deus Ex Music

ION Storm's Bob White made a post to a Music and sound effects thread on the ION Storm BB talking about the music and sound effects in ION's upcoming Deus Ex (thanks again Apache). Here's the content of the two updates (woo, Blues Brothers in the pop culture quiz!):

Music and sound effects are being spear headed by Stan Neuvo. Stan is a great sound guy with an excellent ear for the job. He formerly worked with a lot of us at Origin and we were pleased then and more so now with what he has given us for Deus Ex.

We plan to use both types of music in our games...Country and Western....

We are trying still to find the "right" music style for the game. Once we get that nailed down we will probably look at whether it will be dynamic or not. Several of us would like to see a heavy duty techno sound (something along the lines of Prodigy) Others see some modern electronic as a good choice (something like Patrick O'Hearn does).

The sounds are realistic. We are getting effects from all over and trying to stay away form canned effects. On the NYC streets you here the horns honking, traffic rushing by, the squeals of the subway trains, barking dogs, crying babies, people yelling...basically the whole gambit.


A quick adindum to my previous post on music in order to clarify something. The music will have to carry the mood of the game and some of those listed probably wouldn't.

We want to make sure there there is ambient music to match the scene and mood. Maybe something of an Asian flavor in Hong Kong. Something moody and dark in the gehttos of New York.