Atari Fire Sale

Develop reports by way of that Atari U.S. is planning to auction off some assets in July in an attempt to raise an oddly specific sum of $22.2 million as part of the publisher's struggles under the bankruptcy reorganization they filed for in January. This follows apparently unsuccessful efforts to sell the company in its entirety, and is said to hold the best prospects for getting some return for Atari's investors. Word is this plan still requires the approval of the bankruptcy court, and if approved they will be putting up assets with set minimum bids, including the RollerCoaster Tycoon IP for $3.5 million, the Test Drive IP for $1.5 million, the Total Annihilation franchise for $250,000, and more. The Atari brand itself will also be offered, starting at $15 million, not that this iconic name has prevented previous entities using it from also going under.