Miscellaneous Round-up

A round-up wouldn't be complete without a bulleted list, now would it?
  • Digital Reality has released two more scenarios for Imperium Galactica II, called Payback and Second Chance.
  • Flashpoint 1985: Status Quo, the 3D tactical action wargame by Bohemia, now has its own site, but currently little in the way of new information or imagery.
  • The positively massive Thief Gold FAQ/Walkthrough on GameFAQs is now complete, no doubt making this the most comprehensive document to assist you in playing the acclaimed sneak-em-up.
  • A new release of HyperSnap-DX brings this screen capture utility up to version 3.61.
  • Screenshots? You wanted me to catch up on screenshots as well? I don't think so. =]